There comes a time in life where such comments as “you’re mad” rather than taken as insults are taken as compliments. Simply put, because you have come to the conclusion that society in itself has deep rooted problems, which can only be solved from a radically different viewpoint, because in over 10,000 years of recorded history they haven’t been solved. Society calls these radically different viewpoints any number of pejorative words such as crazy, insane, mad, fucked up, etc while ironically enough enjoying the benefits that previous “loons” brought to society.

I’ve been called insane for just as long as I can remember. This is why I have chosen this particular name for this blog. Because rather than being an offensive term it should be taken as a medal of honour in this context.

So, if you too have been called crazy or you just appreciate a different and a sarcastic approach towards society you’re more than welcome in here. However, if you’re easily offended or cannot back up your claims with evidence please leave because I will offer no apologies if you’re offended or anything of the sort.

The only time I ever apologize is when I’ve made a factual mistake because unwillingly I have misinformed people, which may lead them to do wrong things because they did not know the truth.

I invite you to debate with me the issue, and if you have a convincing argument and sufficient evidence, I’ll detract from my previous statement.  Close mindedness leads nowhere, but with an open mind and logic there’s no telling what we’re capable of.


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