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The Human Auction

Throughout your life there are always people who tell you that thinking outside the box is bad for your well-being. They’ll tell you that now is not the time to believe in things or to question authority because to do so is suicide. By this point, however, you will have fought many battles and are probably weary of the whole ordeal. You’ll realize that for once they might actually be right, that to survive you must sacrifice certain principles. So you’ll agree, “just this once”, and they’ll present you the box you’ve been evading most of your life. At first, something will strike you as odd about it but you won’t be able to place your finger on what exactly it is. As such, you will then present your arms to dispose of, you’ll present your dignity, your personality, your convictions and your beliefs. But then, as you are doing that, you notice the shape of the box. You notice the markings on it and then it dawns on you that this is not an ordinary box but a coffin. Continue reading

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An open letter to an unknown time

I write this to the future or to the past, to a time that may indeed be imaginary, a time when thought is free, when men are different from one another and do not live in ignorance — to a time when truth exists and plenty is the norm: From the age of conformity, from the age of ignorance, from the age of big corporations, from the age of censorship — greetings! Continue reading

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Being an Asshole has no Age

People, in general, do not change; when there’s a new tendency such as an extreme hatred for an idea or acceptance for an idea it’s merely because the environment in which the human is has changed and thus they adapt. The environment itself changes whenever there’s new technologies, new ideas, or anything of the sort. The person is still the same and is merely reacting to new input. To put it in simple terms, it’s as if you had a computer and merely changed the software in it. The computer seems to be different when you use it, but at its core it’s still the same. Continue reading

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Barbarians at the Gate

Manners are nothing more and nothing less than institutionalised ass kissing. Isn’t it time that we got rid of them? Continue reading

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On a diet? Try our Supernatural Pie!

In the 40,000 years religion has existed, it has rarely gone undisputed except by other creeds or belief systems. More often than not, such confrontations end in violence simply because each doctrine has aspects which are incompatible with the other so they cannot coexist.

However, every single belief in the supernatural has one thing in common – its enemy is scientific inquiry… Continue reading

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Our Beautiful Universe

Have you ever wondered what sequence of events brought you to this very point in time? The simplistic answer would be that you chose to be here and that’s that. However, this answer is quite limited in scope. Continue reading

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