An open letter to an unknown time

I write this to the future or to the past, to a time that may indeed be imaginary, a time when thought is free, when men are different from one another and do not live in ignorance — to a time when truth exists and plenty is the norm: From the age of conformity, from the age of ignorance, from the age of big corporations, from the age of censorship — greetings!

At the time of writing we, as a species, are approaching a crossroad and whichever way we choose will change our world irrevocably. The first road has always been the more traveled one; it has been like that from the very dawn of civilization. This road, however, is the way of ignorance and we have always chosen it because it’s the more familiar one. “Tradition for tradition’s sake” seems to be our global motto. From century to century we continue the cycle, and ever more we get more adept at being hypocritical; we say we care about people dying from starvation in the world, yet we hinder the advance of the technologies which could stop it; we say we care about peace, yet each year we produce weapons deadlier than the last; we say that anyone should have the right to express themselves, yet we abhor anyone differing from the norm or downright eliminate their ability to opine.

Our society is full of contradictions and lies, and if we continue on that path, we will extinguish the last flame of the individual. In time we will destroy the remains of humanity itself. It is time to take the other path – the way of rationality. However, this road is by no means the easier one; to cross it we’ll have to sacrifice some things which we nowadays take for granted. The greatest sacrifice of them all may be tradition as this removes the certainty in our lives and opens up a vast and unknown world. By sacrificing tradition we would gain freedom -the freedom to act, think and live for ourselves.

However, some would argue that by killing tradition we would be killing culture itself. In a sense, yes, it is cultural genocide. Nonetheless, what is the culture that would die? The only victim would be the culture of slavery, conformity and ignorance. In other words, the casualties would be no other than the builders of most of the world’s conflicts. Traditions, by their very nature, generate subservience; subservience, on its part, is a product of ignorance.

Statistics provided by the Federal Bureau of Prisons

Atheists are normally around 10% in the general population yet theyre 0.2% in the US prison system, with that in mind we can conclude that crime would be reduced if we were to address the underlying causes for religiosity.

By traditions I mean every single thing a group of humans, or an individual, do over and over again for no real benefit and only because it’s become the norm to do it. However, I’m not opposed to things people do to make themselves feel better, like drugs, games, or anything if and when they realize that there is a reason for why they do what they do. In other words, I want people to follow their own paths and stop being slaves, as most have been throughout history.

So, to kill this looming threat, we need not arm ourselves with conventional weaponry. On the contrary, weapons will only create more ignorance and thus subservience. Since violence perpetuates two things; subservience to the leaders for the sake of security and in doing so it also promotes patriotism, religion and similar notions. No, what we need as a species is education and not education in the conventional sense either – where it’s synonymous to conformity. To slay this demon, we need to think, we need to give people the opportunity to decide for themselves. Free thinking is the one thing which may save humanity from itself.

Salvation will not come by praying for it, or hoping for it, but by taking action. History is littered with people who went all their lives hoping for some change and never got it. A wise man once said that “two hands working can do more than a thousand clasped in prayer.” We must stop hoping for change and actually do something; let’s legalize the crimes which do no harm to society and let’s focus on the real criminals, let’s stop caring about who gets voted out in television and let’s focus on who gets voted into office and the most important of them all, let’s learn from our past and educate ourselves. It does not matter if you disagree with me when confronted with new evidence, the fact that you’re even looking at feasible evidence suggests a will to better society and to stop being a sheep. In the end, that’s the one thing which will save society – ideas and rational discourse.


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  1. The draped avenger says:

    Yo this topic is pretty interesting. Keep it going friend !

  2. Avid Buyer says:

    Good Article

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