Our Beautiful Universe

Have you ever wondered what sequence of events brought you to this very point in time? The simplistic answer would be that you chose to be here and that’s that.  However, this answer is quite limited in scope. How and why are you reading this particular blog?

You’re capable because you learned to read, at some point in your life and you can read this because you have the necessary tools to do it. Forty years ago you wouldn’t have been able to do something similar; in fact some more conservative people would’ve thought it impossible. Nonetheless, the technology was developed and here you are reading this. Have you ever thought that every single action of everything follows the same logic? An event in the present requires previous events to occur, and thus an event in the future requires events from the present to occur.

Time could be viewed as an inverted pyramid where each layer requires the one under it to exist

Is it not then a miracle that you are doing everything you are doing at the moment? Imagine, from all the billions and billions of possible outcomes of every single event in the history of the universe you came to be and you are alive. We humans are curious things; we are the only beings (to our knowledge) capable of understanding our own extraordinary existence.

Sadly, we’re swamped by so many extraordinary occurrences that it’s become normal. Nobody can appreciate the incredible value such an occurrence has. For a brief period of time matter from all over the universe has convened to create our existence.

We are a brief anomaly in the workings of the universe, a grain of sand in a vast desert. People normally get depressed when they notice just how insignificant humanity is compared to the rest of the universe. But when all sentient life dies, the universe will die with them because there’ll be no being capable of understanding their own existence and thus the existence of the universe.

We create our own universe through our own thoughts and experiences; when we die everything goes down with us. Essentially, we are the creators of our own reality regardless of what actually physically exists.  This, I think is the most beautiful thing there is, in the grand scheme of things we’re not insignificant, we live for ourselves –  the most important beings in the universe.


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