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No man can serve two masters, but the internet serves billions

Talent is often touted as the only thing a person needs in order to succeed. Prominent people such as Ayn Rand claim that if you have the talent, you will succeed in the end. Evidently, this is not true; talent often plays a minor role in success. We all know that musician, author, actor or (most notably) politician who seems to have no discernable talent. Yet they’re still successful. Continue reading

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It’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)

Ever since cinema started, scientists have been portrayed as evil and crazy. Moreover, the tale of Frankenstein is the embodiment of what some people would call “playing god.” So naturally it is to be vilified because it represents a modern version of the Tower of Babel. Continue reading

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The Boy who cried Crucifix

It is not often one comes across a man whose very name is synonymous with grandeur, power and extravagance. Of those select men, Julius Caesar is one of the greatest of them all. His contribution to history is so immense that even today we can see his actions at work. Continue reading

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The Reality of Science Fiction

It’s a curious thing to see old science fiction because slowly the fictional technologies are seeping into the real world… Continue reading

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On a diet? Try our Supernatural Pie!

In the 40,000 years religion has existed, it has rarely gone undisputed except by other creeds or belief systems. More often than not, such confrontations end in violence simply because each doctrine has aspects which are incompatible with the other so they cannot coexist.

However, every single belief in the supernatural has one thing in common – its enemy is scientific inquiry… Continue reading

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Our Beautiful Universe

Have you ever wondered what sequence of events brought you to this very point in time? The simplistic answer would be that you chose to be here and that’s that. However, this answer is quite limited in scope. Continue reading

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The Beginning of the Madness

There comes a time in life where such comments as “you’re mad” rather than taken as insults are taken as compliments. Simply put because you have come to the conclusion that society in itself has deep rooted problems, which can only be solved from a radically different viewpoint because in over 10,000 years of recorded history they haven’t been solved. Continue reading

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